SPIRIT TO SPIRIT READING - $30 for 30 minutes minimum and $1 per minute after

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Eyes are the windows to the soul and the lamp to the body. Before your reading, a photo of your face and eyes must be shared with the reader (no glasses) please, at least 15 minutes before your reading.
If your eyes are good, I will see some light, but if not, I will see some darkness.. However, everyone can heal! Conversations can be had concerning your mental, emotional, and physical state, relationships, finances, traumas, generational curses, transferring of spirits, spirit guides, ancestral prayers, meditation, marriage, warning signs and your general well-being and/or the well-being of your families.

Conversations and Readings are for the mature adult only and for educational, and possible entertainment purposes only.  Repeated request for daily readings will not be accepted.

Please come with an open mind, we don't need your heart (LOL, just kidding, but serious) and be ready to receive. Donations are  accepted with gratitude. 

SPIRIT TO SPIRIT READING - $75 for 60 minutes and 1 Selenite Healing Pack

This Spiritual Reading is for individuals in need of immediate shifting from situations that create anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. This session will include a supernatural spiritual shifting that will provide certainty and security in the spirit. It includes a Selenite Healing Pack to be used on the body 24/7. Prayer is also included in this package for free (Prayer is always free here). Along with a 60 minute reading to assist you through your spiritual journey    

The Reviews


I had a spiritual conversation with Tu-Tu Lamar yesterday and wow 🤯 This isn’t your average reading, she has so much wisdom and experience and definitely helped me with an issue that I have been battling. Before I picked up the phone I was confused and conflicted once I put that phone down I had clarity and confidence. Just give her 30 mins of your time, I promise you it’ll be worth it! 


My FIRST reading and it WON’T be my LAST Tu- Tu is 100% REAL. She’s RAW!

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