Selenite Healing Packs   $20

Selenite is a part of the healer's collection. It operates as a powerful property while shifting of stagnant and negative energies within you. If you are living a life undesirable to you and feel a heaviness to your lifestyle, this is just for you! Several pieces of selenite various sizes will come in a satin satchel for your immediate healing journey, included you will also receive a mystery crystal just for you.  $5.00, shipping fee included.

Small Manifestation Candle ~ $15
Large Manifestation Candle ~ $35

This candle has been prepared by TuTu personally during her own meditation and hours of tarrying over these candles before distribution. Continue to use them in your meditation and manifestation of what God desires you to have. The candles are $40, plus $7.00 shipping fee included.

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