Spiritual Conversations
 by Tu-Tu

Spiritually shifting others seeking a deeper connection with God beyond the surface and keeping spirits in alignment with him, helping the spirit to rule the soul and the body with wisdom and patience.  

About Me:

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  • Uplifting Minds, Empowering Spirits and Elevating Souls for 25 years.
  • Manifesting generator ready to reveal the DNA of your TRUE Nature.
  • Clairvoyants (the ability of clear seeing).
  • Clairsentient (the ability to receive messages through feelings or physical sensations).
  • Clairaudience (the ability of clear hearing), aura readers, mediumship (communicating with spirits).
  • Divinely Aligned with the Spirit of God, Wound Healer and Angelic Messenger.
  • Diligent in providing necessary warnings regarding your imbalances to help reach enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Do You Charge for Your Services?

A: Fees are $30 minimum for your general reading, and $1 per minute, each additional minute after. 

Q: I've Never Done This Before. What Do I Need to Know?

A:  In order to receive a Spiritual Reading, a photo of your eyes is mandatory from the same day of the reading. Send the photo via cellphone, send a telephone number where you want to be reached and schedule a time and make your payment. That's all. 3 easy steps!!

Q: What's The Difference Between Spiritual Conversations, Readings and Advising?

A: Spiritual Conversations include myself and 2 or more individuals based around one’s direct path or spiritual journey, relationships, finances, or future.

Spiritual Readings are conducted on a one-on-one basis, without Tarot Card. Tarot Card readings are  no longer conducted here.

Spiritual Advising is done by consultation first. You will receive 1 free 30-minute consultation. Spiritual Advising is conducted on a quarterly basis and will be priced accordingly.

Q: What Other Services Do You Provide?

A: I am pleased to also offer Prayer Request, Marital Counseling, Meditation Services, Live Video on various platforms. I host Spiritual Readings events for Spiritual Enlightenment.   

The Reviews


The reading I just received from Tu-Tu Lamar was spot on! My spirit is full, I know which direction I should go, and I was given a fair warning. I love and appreciate you!  If y’all haven’t gotten a reading I highly suggest getting one! She is the truth.


If you haven’t had a reading by Tu~Tu Lamar do yourself a favor, Get One!
Queen read me likes a novel on the N.Y. Times best sellers list!


Omg, this Morning, This morning this morning has truly been a blessing to my spirit..Just had my Spiritual Reading done and I just want to say thank you so much Tu-Tu Lamar. Ask and you shall receive. A SPIRITUAL BLESSING. I GUARANTEE YOU.


I finally walked out on a limb after having this in the back of my mind for almost two years, yes I procrastinated. The reading I received from Tu-Tu Lamar was simply amazing and spot on. Before I even gave her details she told me them herself. I needed confirmation that I was headed on the right track and she definitely confirmed everything that’s been on my mind. The fact that she was right about everything is the part that wowed me. I truly appreciate you and look forward to our continued conversations in the future! 🙏🏽

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